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Aramid Gear


Gauge: Core: 16L/1.25mm Teeth: 15G/1.40mm

Players wanting more durability without sacrificing good spin and control will love Aramid GEAR. The Aramid GEAR main string combines the tremendous durability of Aramid fiber with the revolutionary sharp gear teeth that bite the ball and create unbelievable spin and control.




Sweet Aramid 16


Gauge: Main: 16G/1.30mm Cross:16G/1.30mm

The durability of Aramid is combined with the responsive playability of a high grade polyamide. The low elongation and high tensile strength of Aramid prevent abrasion resulting in longer string life. Our SWEET 16 cross string produces increased return energy on the ball.




Sweet 16


Gauge: 16G/1.30mm

Sweet in the sweet spot, that is! FORTEN uses a specially formulated bonding agent in the development of this 16G gauge synthetic gut. Sweet efficiently returns energy to the ball during serve and volley play for livelier response without tension loss. Its tensile strength allows it to take the pounding of a baseline rally.



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