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Ultra Thin Blend


Gauge: Main: Core:18G/1.10mm Cross:17G/1.20mm

Ultra Thin Blend is a blend of a durable, powerful, yet playable hybrid string set. The main string is our Aramid Composite 18G, the cross string is our DYNAMIX 17 synthetic gut. This combination provides durability, optimum energy transfer for peak performance, outstanding spin control and astonishing playability. Players will make a lifetime commitment to this astounding string.




Dynamix 16G
Gauge: 16G/1.30mm

DYNAMIX 16G is a durable blend of three premium grades of copolymer filaments that produce a high performance synthetic gut. This dynamic union results in a resilient, powerful string that is in a class by itself. DYNAMIX 16G is a competition string that enhances all phases of the game of tennis.



Hi Gear


Gauge: Main: Core:17G/1.20mm Teeth:15G/1.40mm Cross: 16G/1.30mm

HIGH GEAR is a dynamic combination of two quality strings. The main string is a revolutionary, playable string with sharp gear teeth that bite the ball and create unbelievable spin and control. The cross string is called SWEET 16, our most playable all court tournament gauge string. This is a match made for great tennis play.




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