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Hi Gear


Gauge: Main: Core:17G/1.20mm Teeth:15G/1.40mm Cross: 16G/1.30mm

HIGH GEAR is a dynamic combination of two quality strings. The main string is a revolutionary, playable string with sharp gear teeth that bite the ball and create unbelievable spin and control. The cross string is called SWEET 16, our most playable all court tournament gauge string. This is a match made for great tennis play.




Spin Gear
Gauge: Core: 17G/1.20mm Teeth: 15G/1.40mm

Finally, a string that tames the power game. SPIN GEAR, an ultra playable string that is recommended for the cagey player who enjoys finesse and touch string. (Not recommended for the power game.) This combination will provide you with a long lasting bonus of quality tennis.





Gauge: Main: Core:16L/1.25mm Cross: 17G/1.20mm

Ti-Blend is an energetic and powerful combination that is easy on the arm. The main string is a high performance premium synthetic gut that is coated with titanium for enhanced durability. The cross string is constructed with compacted micro fibers that enhance energy transfer with a comfortable feel. This dynamic union is suitable for all types of racquets.




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