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Forten has been on the cutting edge of developing Aramid Composites for over twenty years. Forten combines the tremendous durability of Aramid fibers with high performance polyamide filaments that produces a quality blend of these quality materials for high performance.

Aramid fibers are an aromatic polyamide material containing aromatic and amide group. Forten has developed a unique method of combining Aramid fibers with resilient polyamide copolymer filaments. The result is a tremendous durable string that affords a higher degree of playability than typically found in Aramid strings.

Aramid fibers are noted for strength and extreme durability. They behave elasticity in tension with fibrous structure contributing to notching resistance. Aramid fibers are highly durable and ideal for reinforcing racquet strings.

Aramid Gear

Aramid Composite 18G ( NEW AGE 18 )


Gauge: 18G/1.10mm

NEW AGE 18 is a blend of a high quality polyamide co-polymer and a specially modified Aramid Fiber. It outperforms its thicker gauged synthetic competitors for durability, spin control and power. Its slender profile and light weight give it a decided edge due to decreased wind resistance(power) and larger string pattern(spin control).



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