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images Nylon strings offer a softer, more natural 揻eel than the strings made from more durable materials such as polyester and Aramid fiber strings. Our state of the art manufacturing capability can mix and match ingredients and arrange various gauges of nylon filaments and fibers to produce strings with varying, desirable characteristics that are better suited to an individual player's game style.

Nylon strings are still the core of the racquet sports industry. They play well and are durable and cost effective.
Forten has produced millions sets of Nylon strings over the last two decades and is considered a pioneer in nylon string development.
Forten抯 expert manufacturing processes have enhanced nylon strings performance so that the strings emulate the highly desirable characteristics of natural gut without the high cost.
Competition Nylon 16G



Gauge: 16G/1.30mm

COMPETITION NYLON, the economical choice. A tough string that lasts. Polyamide filaments twisted around the center core help this 16G nylon outperform any string in its price range.
COMPETITION NYLON features an antiabrasive coating that results in a very durable string.




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