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Based on our intensive test, Forten offers following quality pre-packaged hybrid strings:

Hybrid Synergy(1+1=optimum performance

A hybrid consists of a string bed with two different strings for the mains and crosses. The mains run parallel to the racquet handle and the crosses run perpendicular to the racquet handle the racquet frame.

The main strings are the primary determinant of playability during competition. The main strings in a racquet usually break before the cross break due to movement of the main strings during competition. When a durable string, such as an Aramid string or polyester string is used for the mains and a more elastic string is used for the cross string in a hybrid configuration, the result is durable main strings backed by softer, more responsive cross strings.

Additionally, there is a cost savings to the hybrid configuration because the cross strings can be a less expensive string(usually nylon). The cross strings can be a very thin gauge string which opens up the overall string pattern in the racquet and introduces more top spin into the player's game style.

44-feet reel package 

More and more players have resorted to developing hybrids that involve two different types of strings. This allows the players to enjoy the benefits of both strings performances.

There are numerous pre-packaged hybrids in the market which still can not satisfy the player's needs. Players want hybrid tailored to their unique playing style. The normal 40-feet string-set is not long enough for two mains and results in a lot of string waste.

Forten introduces a 44-feet string-set in a small reel. Players can use it for a regular set and also can use it for two mains or two crosses. Forten offers 44 feet length sets so that player's imagination can combine two different types of strings to create a hybrid combination in a synergistic fashion that suits unique playing style.


Let's get REEL creative!

Forten offers 660 feet reels & 44-feet mini reels on many types of strings. BE REEL CREATIVE and develop hybrid combinations tailored individual players' needs and satisfaction.


Gauge: Main: Core:16L/1.25mm Cross: 17G/1.20mm

Ti-Blend is an energetic and powerful combination that is easy on the arm. The main string is a high performance premium synthetic gut that is coated with titanium for enhanced durability. The cross string is constructed with compacted micro fibers that enhance energy transfer with a comfortable feel. This dynamic union is suitable for all types of racquets.




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